For the freshmen

Dear incoming freshmen,

So you made it here finally, its the first day of school and you just entered Ms.Garbers class. There are some things you might need to know before putting your pencils into that springboard book and jotting things down about The Cask of Whatever.

The first thing that you might want to be aware of is her grading style. This is most often the most important part in her class. Now in some or most of your classes you could either turn your work in, or do your work, well in her class you have to do both. So not only does your work have to be done correctly, but it has to be turned in on time. So this brings up option of either studying or failing. So you choose. Also be aware of the springboard book. That thing will catch you by surprise and bombard you with work if you’re not careful. So be on top of that thing because the work in it is usually worth the most.

So that was my guide to passing Ms.Garbers class. I hope you learned something like, doing your work well AND turning it in on time, Or even how important your springboard book is. I hope this guide will help you pass, If only one person passes because of this guide, this will be a mission well done. So I hope you guys pass her class and I bid you farewell.

My family/culture


Okay so in all seriousness, my family is pretty vivid. My mom is a white Russian, my dad is a light skin west African and my sister is a mixture of both while im some sort of vanilla ice cream that came from then somehow. So as you can tell my family is pretty vivid. Now i honestly dont know much about the culture of both sides of my family but the basics that i just told you guys. So if you ever wanted to know about my “religion”, i dont have one. I guess you could call me an atheist, or at least that’s what people call me and as far as you’re  concerned that’s what i am to you. My dad basically had this idea that he would just not raise his children with any religion and give them the true definition of a Tabla Rosa and i guess that worked out pretty well as far as i’m concerned. If you want to know how i grew up, i basically lived in a house of four with both of my parents there. It was just me and my sister. Apparently we got along the first 5 years but after that we kinda disconnected with each other and forgot that one each other existed. So i guess you could say i grew up without a sister even though technically i did. Now with my dad we have this sort of thing where we like each other one day and then totally despise each other the next day. Although the story completely differs with my mom. We have been very connected this whole time and i hope that last at least a bit longer. My social life is pretty sucky but that’s fine because when I get home from school i pretty much associate’s with everyone unless there in band which I consider them my second family.

My digital footprint

yea about my digital footprint, i’m going to jail. Okay buy seriously i don’t have the best, although i’m not very concerned about it because people think everything you put on the internet is archived but although it is archived, for the average person it shouldn’t be a problem. See when you try to delete something off the internet it goes into a digital archive. This is filled with the sort of things that other people didn’t want to be seen just like worth your post on internet. This archive is usually kept private my the IP service provider and only accessible by people like the FBI and CIA. So if your honestly afraid of your employer finding out that you have a fantasy with My Little Pony, the your in the clear. Although if you constantly looking up how to create bombs and such, then your probably in the red zone. So if your wondering about mine. It just filled with me searching up how to write in C++ C# and HTML4. Im really not afraid of my family finding out about this in the future but im not so confident about my numerous of searches on how to execute a XSS attack on servers. So i guess im in the clear but for morals and stuff i should moderate myself a bit.

Sorry I messed up :/

Sorry everyone I messed up in my last blog post, in my last post I made it quite clear that the dark web and the deep web are the same thing. So I just wanted to clear things up before people got pissy. So after all the is a very big difference that you should be aware of. So although there are for the most part the same thing, as in they both require TOR to access them, and they share the same basis as in they hide there IP using proxies that change every time you use them, the is a big difference, in the deep web you can still find innocent things, not much but it is nothing to compare to the dark web. The dark web is filled with waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more things to be scared of, you might have to dig a bit deeper to get there though. Pretty much the things they’re a super scary and super illegal.

Please skip this paragraph if you still believe in the good of people and believe that everyone deserves a second chance. So if you make it into the deep scary place called the dark web, you can find many things that you would never wish to see. The big offender are called, “Red Rooms”. Red Rooms are video chats where they send out a black hat IP message that is your personal invite. When you get in there there is a standard chat room. Then a LIVE event starts. So if you have been itching to know what goes on in a Red Room, here it is. A Red Room is where the audience tells someone how to kill a person, then the person on live live stream does it in front of everyone. So you basicly watch someone die in front of you live. They torture them until they die. It well definitely make you lose faith in humanity. On famous Red Room that was recently seized by the FBI was “The Monkey House”. They caught there bait by waiting for someone to leave in disgust then disabling the proxy, then kidnap them and kill them.

So if you had any plans going to the dark web, I hope I scared you away because im sure you do not want to be caught inside of a Red Room and waiting for appending doom.]

To read more about the deep web click this link

and to learn more about the notorious Monkey House, click here



and have a spooky day!

So You Want To Access The Dark Web? Find Out How To Here!

So have you ever thought to yourself-

“Man I really want to risk getting hacked for an opportunity to buy illegal goods”

Or maybe even,

“Man human trafficking sound GREAT”

Then the Dark Web may be for you. Although in all seriousness, If you want to know what the Dark Web is, how to access it safely, and not get hacked, then you came to the right place

So right now you are on the surface web. This includes everything from Google, Faceook, and more of your everyday websites that you use. Well, I will have you know there are way more places to visit on the internet that is NOT on the surface web.  So the deep web or dark web or even know as the darknet are spooky phrases referring to websites that mask their IP(internet protocol) and can only be used by “encryption-friendly” software like TOR. This works by scrambling the users IP until it is unrecognizable for other users. Some hackers even jump server to server, so if people want to find them they have to go through numerous of scrambled IP addresses.

So off the bat, you can tell that the dark web is only for the people with the right tools and balls of steel. It is filled with black hat hackers and people willing to steal your identity at every wrong move you make. So the first step is to not get “cocky” and keep focused on what you are set out to do without getting noticed. You do not want to get noticed because then you become a target. When you are a target NOTHING good will come out it.

So you might want to know what you are going to find while searching the deep web. Well, i will try to scare you the least as possible.The modern Dark Web’s notorious reputation is well-earned, and the hidden internet is undeniably dangerous. Though encrypted websites have existed for more than a decade, the Dark Web rose to mainstream prominence alongside the Silk Road, the now-defunct “Amazon for Drugs.” YouTube is full of spooky deep web experience, and the Hidden Wiki serves as a portal to the criminal underground.

So let’s start off with the easy part, TOR. TOR stands for The Onion Router and is by far the safest way to access, although there are still much more almost as safe options. To be as safe as possible you need to have as little personal info on your computer as possible. So consider buying a laptop for this purpose only. If you have something very sensitive like your social security number already on your PC, then I would highly recommend not using that electronic device for your TOR browsing.

So you have you special darknet machine. Now what? Since you just got or cleared a laptop you should already be malware and spyware free, but check if your not. So let’s log on!!!! So you need to be clear on something. There are certain search engines that you should use because they are safe and there are some that you should most definitely not use. These following should be safe. I have them in order from most to least safe, but they are all fine for use.


All of these will not track you and will scramble your IP. Try clicking on one of the last 5 links. Using Google Chrome you might notice that it says DNS server not found hen you click on them. It because the IP is scrambled and you can’t get access to it unless you have TOR installed. So if you do, try right clicking the link and click “copy link address”. Then you can go into the secure browser of your choice and paste it into the URL search tab.

Encryption is extremely strong but not impenetrable. The FBI discovered and exploited vulnerabilities in the TOR network. Though the agency refused to disclose the source code used to penetrate the network, undoubtedly law enforcement agencies around the world monitor and operate on the Deep Web. Members of the TOR project vowed to patch network holes and strengthen the protocol.

So I’m not going to goo as far as showing how to do anything illegal on this blog, but I will tip you off and say, that you do do a lot on the “Silk Road”. I won’t go any further because, with these tips I gave you, this adventure is yours to discover. This is your story.

I hope this article helped you if it did please respond and ask questions, or just simply respond with some feedback. So thanks, guys!


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Global issues?

Guys there are no global issues worth acknowledging. Even if there was, there is nothing a little 15 year old can do about it. Feminism isn’t real, there is no wage gap, and leave Syria in Syria. Although there is a very important global issue going on now that I want all of my followers to be aware of Miss W. She has recently removed me from the student blogging challenge. This is a bigger act of war then whats currently going on in Syria. This has offended me beyond belief. This is a very bigger problem then any global issue that’s going on in my opinion. So if we can boycott pepsi then we can boycott the student blogging challenge! But wait, there’s more, she has been kicking out many people for various of reason do to my mid 2017 researches I have notice she has been kicking people out for not making enough blog post. This is very sad and depressing and should be stopped immediately.


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